heal acnes with nature’s help


1. One of the first that you need to do that is completely free is to reduce all of the Stress in your life as you can. Stress is a big factor in acne because studies shows that the more stress you have, the more acne you will have.

2. Try some known Homemade Pimple Treatments. First get some lemons, and get the lemon skin. Using the lemon skin and some warm water, wash your face with the lemon skin. Let the juices set on your face for around thirty minutes and wash with your normal face cleaner. You should start to seem some improvement within a couple of weeks.

3. If you have pimples that are swelling, or if your face feels swollen, you can try toothpaste to get your skin to feel better. Right before going to bed apply some regular toothpaste to the affected areas and leave it there overnight. You will be amazed at how much better your face will feel in the morning.

4. Another face wash that you can try is Vinegar. Mix the vinegar with some salt and gently rub your entire face. Let it stay on your face for around thirty minutes and wash it off with your normal face wash. I didn’t see big improvements with this mix, but you may.

5. Before going to bed, take the Mint leaf juice and apply it to your affected areas. Mint is known to help reduce acne and help clear the skin. Leave the mint juice on your face overnight to do its magic.

6. You need to drink at least 8 full glasses of water each day to get rid of the toxins in the body and help you battle acne. I drink 8 glasses a day and I feel so much better and my skin is super clear.

7. Another homemade pimple treatment is the use of Cucumber. Make a cucumber paste and apply it to your face. Let it stand on your face for around 10 minutes and wash with your normal face wash. Cucumber will help moisturize the skin and provide plenty of vitamins for your skin.


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Correct Method of Popping a Pimple

Popping a pimple is a common behavioral trait in all the people suffering from pimples. In spite  of what these people about the human body, they have a tendency to pop a pimple as soon as they see one on their face. 
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Acne can occur in any region of your body. Whenever we hear the term acne, we associate it with facial acne and forget that it may affect other parts of the body. 
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How does it feel when you get up in the morning, ready for an important meeting and find an ugly zit staring back at you from the mirror? 
   Self Help to Get Rid of Acne 
If you are suffering from acne, you are probably in a dilemma about whom to approach for advice. 
Causes of Acne Skin Welts

If acne persists over a period, it can cause a number of other skin disorders. These skin disorders may exhibit symptoms similar to acne in many cases. 
   Benefits of Flax Seed – in Oil as Well as Seed Form 
Many skin problems like acne occur essentially because of inadequate intake of fatty acids in our daily diet. 
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Are you scared of popping up?

Popping a pimple is a common behavioral trait in all the people suffering from pimples. In spite of what these people about the human body, they have a tendency to pop a pimple as soon as they see one on their face.. They forget about the fact that this practice is likely to spread the infection and worsen the situation. The first thing people want to do is to rid the face of acne.

If you have to give in to the temptation, then there are some useful tips that you can follow. Dermatologists have suggested these tips. If you follow them, the risk of infection is reduced considerably. Here is a concise summary of these tips.

The first step is to take a shower with lukewarm water. Make sure you wash your face well. Warm water baths help in softening facial skin. This lessens the chances of damage to your skin, when you pop the pimple. After you shower, disinfect your hands by washing them preferably with a germicidal soap.

Take a needle and sterilize it by boiling it in water. It is essential to sterilize the needle, as using a dirty needle may lead to infection and the increase the size of the pimple. Puncture the head of the pimple with the needle. Then take a clean swab and wrap it around your finger. Apply pressure on the area surrounding the popped pimple.

When the pimple is emptied of pus and blood, and clear fluid begins to ooze out, you may stop applying pressure on the pimple. Then you can just go ahead and apply your favorite brand of disinfecting skin cream on the head. You can also opt for some home remedies as well. Both of them work equally well.

However, before popping pimples you should try to determine the severity of the pimple. Complicated cases should be referred to a doctor. There are chances that popping a pimple may worsen the situation. In such cases, you should take a dermatologist’s advice before you take any action on your own. It always pays to be cautious.

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Acne can be very distressing for a person as it hampers not only his physical features but also increases a person’s stress, anxiety and depression levels. Acne is a skin disorder whose complete remedy is unachievable. Acne can appear in any age group– infant, teenager, adult. It is quite stubborn for the fact that it has numerous varieties like blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, nodules, cysts.

Therefore, it is imperative that we take preventive measures beforehand. Some of the proactive acne medications are mentioned which would help us deal with acne.

Firstly, we should clear some of the prevailing myths regarding acne. Chocolates, fatty foods do not cause pimples. Infact it is necessary to keep a healthy diet consisting of lots and lots of water, fresh fruits and vegetables.

We can also try some homeopathic medicines as they do not have any undesirable side effects. Another proactive acne medication is regular exercise like walking, jogging. This speeds up the blood circulation in our body and also gives us ample amounts of fresh air. But you should avoid excessive sunlight as it can cause harm to your skin.

You should also try to reduce the amount of stress, depression and anxiety as they also cause a lot of problems in your body. You can try out some yoga or meditation, to relieve yourself.

You should never pierce or squeeze the pimple as the material inside may come out and spread and thus infect other areas of your skin.

It has been proven by many studies that caffeine can cause an increase in the stress hormones and thus creates a viable environment for pimples. So, naturally we should avoid foods containing caffeine. Similarly, red meat and dairy products are also harmful for your body as they increase the hormone production in the body.

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Blackheads which are not caused by germs are prone to infections when excessively touched or pressed. A wrong blackhead rupture may be a cause to severe acne formation. So blackheads should never be tempered with nails or needles. Do not try blackhead removal in hands of an inexperienced beautician.

They can take a long time to clear up, so should meet your dermatologist for the best advice. There is no magic wand to clear blackheads in 1, 2 or 3 removal sittings.

Black tip is not dust!

The black tip in it is not dust. They are black because of reaction between excess oil and air. So, excessive cleansing routine is not going to help you cure them. Do not touch them often. The black color may seem inside it but infection is outside.

Types of blackheads

According to Ayurveda, blackheads can be divided into two types lighter ones (vayanga)and darker ones (nyachcha). But some other divisions vary as per their severity and location of attack.

Facial blackheads

Facial blackheads are the most distressing. They are caused when sebum blocks the skin pores and is further aggravated by humid conditions, hormonal factors and oily products. They can affect people of any age group and are mainly found on areas rich in sebaceous glands such as forehead, nose and chin. Usually the T zone of your face is more prone to blackheads.

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Many babies exhibit symptoms that are similar to acne immediately after birth. Most people tend to ignore this problem as simple skin blemishes. In reality, the situation is a lot more serious than most of us think. You may wonder as to how babies get acne in the first place. Though not very common, this is not unnatural. Baby skin is very sensitive. Never use harsh creams, powders or lotions on a baby’s skin. This may result in acne. Here are some tips on how to treat baby acne.

Always clean your baby’s face. Take care to thoroughly remove any food particles, including milk, from the face. Baby skin is far softer than we think it is. Even seemingly innocent food particles can cause much harm to their skin.

Harsh detergents should not be used while washing the clothes of the baby. Normal detergents contain many potent chemicals which can irritate the skin. There is another significant thing to remember. You should never rub baby acne. In case of adults, scrubbing off the acne can be considered as a solution, in some cases. In the case of baby acne, this is a strict no-no.

Patience is the key in treating baby acne. It lasts for an average of two weeks, or in some cases three weeks at the most. After this, baby acne automatically vanishes. You should always keep in mind not to use any kind of medication which you would use on your skin. There is no medication which can be used to successfully treat baby acne. In this regard, the preventive measures are always better.

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As far as acne is concerned, food is one of the most important factors. By opting for a balanced diet, you can get rid of acne with ease.

The liver is the main organ of the digestive system. Overeating can harm the liver. Rich food produces high amount of toxins in the body. This causes acne.

  1. In order to avoid acne one should always follow a disciplined and regulated diet. Nowadays, most of us have a very erratic diet because of our hectic lifestyle. We eat a lot of junk food. Junk food produces toxins that are very harmful for the human body. Acne is essentially the result of irregular food habit.
  2. If you are suffering from acne, the best way to deal with it is to eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. In fact, you should eat at least three servings of vegetables and a minimum one serving of fruit per day.
  3. Salad is another very important food item. Salad contains vegetables that are full of fiber. Vegetables provide you with essential nutrition and help to prevent constipation. Constipation is one of the primarily reasons for acne. Therefore, salad should form an essential part of your daily diet.
  4. Please avoid refined sugar, fried food and excess of carbohydrate. Also, reduce caffeine intake. These food items are also responsible for acne. Although B12 is an essential vitamin, excess intake may be responsible for acne. Avoid eating excess food containing vitamin B12. Egg, milk and milk products, and red meat are some of the food items that contain vitamin B12. Excessive intake of fish can also be harmful.
  5. Consumption of pulses and legumes is a healthy way to prevent acne. If taken on a regular basis, pulses can be an effective medication for acne. Drink plenty of water. Water keeps the human body clean and purifies the system, thereby playing an important role in preventing acne.

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