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– Stop acne from developing

You must treat the whiteheads and the blackheads immediately. Use either Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid for this. Both these elements will work towards unclogging the gland. You may speak to your doctor about using tretinoin. You may also use AHAs around the affected area in order to remove dead cells faster.

– Follow hygiene

Make sure that you keep your hands clean. Always wash your face with a good acid balanced cleanser or any other AHA based cleanser. Never over clean your skin. Just clean it twice or thrice a day. Do not even think of touching the spot. Touching the spots will infect them. Don’t remove the comedones. Consult your doctor if you need to do so.

– Organic Soaps

Do not use harsh chemical based soaps. You must go for organic soaps. These will be lighter on acne.

– Stress

Stress is the main booster of acne. You can easily handle your stress levels by getting involved in exercises such as yoga, running, weight training etc. These activities will maintain your skin and also help you to be in shape.

– Cosmetic analysis

Use of chemical and oil based cosmetics will aggravate acne. Go for organic products. These are widely available on the market. Once you use them, make sure that you wash your face thoroughly.

– Diet

Diet does not affect your acne much but eating healthy will help you get rid of the excessive Toxin that’s created in the body due to following unhealthy food patterns.

– Birth Control Pills

Using birth control pills can actually lead to acne. Hence, if you have acne and use birth control pills, try to shift to other birth control pills.


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