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Many babies exhibit symptoms that are similar to acne immediately after birth. Most people tend to ignore this problem as simple skin blemishes. In reality, the situation is a lot more serious than most of us think. You may wonder as to how babies get acne in the first place. Though not very common, this is not unnatural. Baby skin is very sensitive. Never use harsh creams, powders or lotions on a baby’s skin. This may result in acne. Here are some tips on how to treat baby acne.

Always clean your baby’s face. Take care to thoroughly remove any food particles, including milk, from the face. Baby skin is far softer than we think it is. Even seemingly innocent food particles can cause much harm to their skin.

Harsh detergents should not be used while washing the clothes of the baby. Normal detergents contain many potent chemicals which can irritate the skin. There is another significant thing to remember. You should never rub baby acne. In case of adults, scrubbing off the acne can be considered as a solution, in some cases. In the case of baby acne, this is a strict no-no.

Patience is the key in treating baby acne. It lasts for an average of two weeks, or in some cases three weeks at the most. After this, baby acne automatically vanishes. You should always keep in mind not to use any kind of medication which you would use on your skin. There is no medication which can be used to successfully treat baby acne. In this regard, the preventive measures are always better.


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