Are you scared of popping up?

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Popping a pimple is a common behavioral trait in all the people suffering from pimples. In spite of what these people about the human body, they have a tendency to pop a pimple as soon as they see one on their face.. They forget about the fact that this practice is likely to spread the infection and worsen the situation. The first thing people want to do is to rid the face of acne.

If you have to give in to the temptation, then there are some useful tips that you can follow. Dermatologists have suggested these tips. If you follow them, the risk of infection is reduced considerably. Here is a concise summary of these tips.

The first step is to take a shower with lukewarm water. Make sure you wash your face well. Warm water baths help in softening facial skin. This lessens the chances of damage to your skin, when you pop the pimple. After you shower, disinfect your hands by washing them preferably with a germicidal soap.

Take a needle and sterilize it by boiling it in water. It is essential to sterilize the needle, as using a dirty needle may lead to infection and the increase the size of the pimple. Puncture the head of the pimple with the needle. Then take a clean swab and wrap it around your finger. Apply pressure on the area surrounding the popped pimple.

When the pimple is emptied of pus and blood, and clear fluid begins to ooze out, you may stop applying pressure on the pimple. Then you can just go ahead and apply your favorite brand of disinfecting skin cream on the head. You can also opt for some home remedies as well. Both of them work equally well.

However, before popping pimples you should try to determine the severity of the pimple. Complicated cases should be referred to a doctor. There are chances that popping a pimple may worsen the situation. In such cases, you should take a dermatologist’s advice before you take any action on your own. It always pays to be cautious.


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